Why Would I Like This?

If anything in the “about” post interested you…keep reading!

If you are someone who wants to travel and see a lot of different places, this is probably the biggest driving factor leading PA’s to pursue this path. Ask yourself am I someone who can pick up and go and be excited about new endeavors?  If so I highly recommend checking it out… I will talk about all the benefits to being an IC soon!  PA’s who are interested in different aspects of medicine, become easily bored in a position and seek constant change and challenge are other driving factors, but he travel opportunity definitely takes he cake!

If you find yourself saying “hmm moving around all of the time seems kind of inconvenient.  I have a lot of questions and first–what’s the incentive?” There are a lot of great things about being an IC (more on this later). I will say that in my experience there was a significant pay increase. Also if you are working for a good company they make your transition easy-peasey!

There are ups and downs to being an IC PA if you want to learn more check out my pro’s and con’s as well as FAQ section under Travel PA!