A traveling PA is a provider who works as an independent contractor (IC) for a locum tenen’s company.  A locums company (which there are many of it isn’t just one) then pays the IC for various work. The type of work locums/travel PA’s are hired to do is on a temporary basis.  Typically job assignments are anywhere between 3-6 months; however the duration can be shorter or longer. Locum PA’s are brought in to various areas, clinics or health system for a variety of reasons ranging from maternity leave, staff shortages, rural areas, expansion of practices, etc.

So how does this process work? Well… In a nutshell, if you are new to locums work you contact a company and let them know you are interested in working for them. After that they talk with you about the types of positions you would like and areas you would be willing to travel to. Then they come to you with potential jobs you interview and hopefully accept a position!

Of course there are lots of little details I am skipping over a lot of details, but you get the gist!

For a beginning list of companies I recommend checking out the website http://www.nalto.org

NALTO is like the BBB for traveling providers.  They basically ensure that your company and you are being treated fairly.  I learned about NALTO about a year in to my experience as a traveling provider.

Also a little friendly tip: COMP health is a locum company that offers benefits (6% 401k match and other benefits).  I have not worked with them to date but had some great conversations with recruiters there and would encourage providers to seek employment through them.

Presently, I am working through VISTA staffing and have had a really good experience so far. I would also highly recommend them!