• “Danielle was the best thing to happen to me. We all know the application process can be overwhelming, but Danielle was the knowledgeable support system I was looking for. The “services” she offers go above and beyond–she is a lifeline that assists you with whatever you need. For me, one of those things was the personal statement, which is just that–personal. She takes the necessary steps to get to know you on an intricate level in order to work with you to create the best version possible. Danielle makes it a point to be readily accessible and keeps in constant contact with you, which is reassuring during that stressful time. She truly cares about each person she works with, and is one of the most genuine, intelligent, hilarious, altruistic people I know. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am today without her. Not only has she become an amazing mentor, but a great friend. And you can’t put a price on that.” W.V.
  • “Applying to graduate school for the first time is scary, no doubt. I found Danielle’s post about her services on the pre-PA forum on Reddit and was a little hesitant, but her prices were so great I didn’t have anything to lose. Let me say it is an understatement when I say how glad I am I chose to spend 3 months with Danielle. She is organized and on-time with her replies. She gets to know you first and has an endless amount of resources to help guide you through the journey of applying to PA school. I was able to ask an obscene amount of  questions and send multiple emails only to always receive a happy reply from Danielle. She is always on time and never makes you feel like a burden! I was even able to receive advice from her over the phone, which truly shows how personally she takes her client’s success. Personally, I do not think I would have felt comfortable applying without her help. As Danielle says, “it takes a village to apply to PA school”. She definitely became a great, reliable friend through it all. I would recommend her to anyone applying to PA school.” F.D.
  • “The personal statement can make or break you when trying to get an interview. I have been, like most pre-PA students, working hard every day for years and I didn’t want my application tossed to the side because of a crappy personal statement. I initially chose Danielle’s service because I got more for my money when comparing others. By that I mean there is an unlimited number of edits, we must have edited my personal statement over ten times, and each one is done promptly! And she is there to help with whatever questions you have about the application process. Both of these came to be invaluable to me. Also, I found her mock interview service great for boosting my confidence when voicing my answers, and you get two mock interviews for the price of one. She provides a great all-around service!” J.H.
  • “Danielle was an excellent resource and valuable mentor while preparing my personal statement. She provided me with highly personal feedback that emphasized my unique experiences. She is extremely knowledgeable and knew when and how to give me constructobe feedback in an honest and supportive manner. Most importantly, I felt that Danielle truly cared and was invested in my personal goals. I will recommend her expertise to anyone in a heartbeat.” P.B.
  • “That was extremely helpful. I knew that it <personal statement> was lacking a lot of things but didn’t really know where to tie them in. Your specificity is really what I needed and something that really helps me. Everyone learns differently but you gave me some kind of general advice that made me think enough on my own while also offering up some specifics that didn’t leave me stranded or off in the wrong direction!”
  • “Your turn around time was incredible. I realize you wouldn’t be able to always respond as quickly as you did but for me and I am sure for many other students, it is a real selling point!”
  • “Your answers are thought out and detailed.  Even through email, I feel your compassion to simply help others.  You are very quick on answering my emails; communicating when you will respond with an answer and actually following through.”