What Is?

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A page dedicated to anything you learn on rotations or on the job that you find yourself wondering “why didn’t I know this”.  Almost everyday I find myself saying “What is _______” a hundred times.  SO…I’m going to start keeping track and hopefully everyone can learn something!  

What is…

  • Renal dosing requirement for Tamiflu
    • Depending on CrCl either 30mg BID or 30 daily (normal dosing is 75mg BID x 5 days if started within 48 hours of onset of symptoms)
  • VAMP System
    • Needless closed blood sampling system, 5cc reservoir for blood draws–can connect to central line catheters and arterial catheters.  These are used in oncology patients a lot of the time.
  • RBC Nuclear Scan
    • Used in persistent drops in hgb to look for source of bleeding
  • Rifaximin
    • Antibiotic used to treat IBS and also used in Hepatic Encephalopathy to bind to ammonia and help decrease levels
  • Calciphylaxis
    • Poorly understood vascular condition of necrosis that has high association with uremia and ESRD
  • Q Fever
    • Zoonotic disease that resembles a flu like illness. Pts present with febrile illness and usually either PNA or hepatitis. 
  • Anasarca
    • Extreme generalized edema, swelling of skin due to effusions in extracellular space
  • IV: PO conversion for Levothyroxine
    • 50-75% IV of PO dosing.
  • Miami J Collar
    • Just a C collar but a fancy name!
  • Vasogenic Edema
    • Condition of increased swelling in patients with brain tumor/mets.  Treated with dexamethasone
  • Aphakia
    • Absence of eye lens
  • Treatment for CSF leak Headache
    • Caffiene