American Academy of Physician Assistants


AAPA is a great resource as a student and practicing PA–I highly doubt I am going to be the first person to tell you about the AAPA.  But, here you can find CME resouces, employment opportunities, Hudde (which is an area where PA’s can create topics and talk with each other), practice resources, information about licensing and more.



The one thing I always knew the CDC website to be helpful for was if you are traveling out of the country and finding out what vaccinations you need. However, I am learning that there is a lot more information there than I knew– they have information regarding preventative health, diseases, news and updates on guidelines. For example, right now they have information and news regarding kids and teens exposure to e-cigarette ads, winter health, feature on pink eye and HPV screening. Oh, I almost forgot– you can also find a vaccination schedule here!

Learning Radiology


I literally can’t even begin to describe the amount of information about radiology to be found on this website.  From case presentations, how to recognize and adequate chest XR to flashcards of varying categories.  If you have a question about radiology, look here!



Medscape is probably my favorite medical resource–well it’s between that and UpToDate (sometimes UpToDate can be really cumbersome to sort through so if I need precise information and don’t have time to sift I go to medscape).  So, what medscape has to offer is the same as the app for your phone or iPad that I talked about.  There is a news section, area to search for drugs and diseases, CME/education, information by specialty and top medical news.  Sometimes when I have free time or I’m bored I go to the medscape app/webpage to see what is happening in medicine in the news.  Good easy reads.  They also provide information in their drugs/disease section about the most up to date studies and recommendations.



This is basically your hub to log your CME hours and also where you find out if you passed your PANCE/PANRE.  THey also have news and reports relevant to what is going on wit the profession.  For instance right now you can find a lot of information about the proposed changes to the PANRE.

Reddit: Pre-PA Subreddit

Reddit is a very popular website and the Pre-PA “sub reddit” is composed of pre-pa students who help each other out and some licensed PA’s who also help answer questions. Helpful and friendly environment!

Respiratory Therapy Cave


I came across this blog about respiratory therapy when I was writing m post about oxygen delivery methods and really liked the site.  It is literally an endless amount of information regarding anything related to the pulmonary system.



In order to have access to UpToDate you either need a subscription or your institution needs to have a subscription that you need to register your individual login information in order to have access when you aren’t located at your job or school.  Most hospital systems and schools Ave a subscription.  Take advantage of it!!



I think everyone has used you tube before.  There are a few specific channels that I subscribe to and that I have found very helpful both as a student and even now when I am looking for more information.

  • Armando Hasudugan- This guy is awesome.  He draws everything as he explains it to you.  Videos range from common diseases to pathophysiology of just about anything you can imagine.
  • ICU Survival by IU Internal Medicine- I used part of their videos for my oxygen delivery method post and stumbled across a lot of good information related to acute care.
  • MedCRAM!- Ran by a Physician Assistant and is super comprehensive.  He draws as he explains which I think is really helpful.  The drawing isn’t the caliber of Armando but it’s enough to get the point across and the information is great!
  • Paul Bolin- This channel is geared towards any testing that you might have in PA school and boards. He is a physican or Medical student I can’t remember which and his information is great!  even though it is geared for a med strident it is basically the same information required for PA school.