Below are my favorite podcasts that I currently listen to or have listened to in the past for boards and continuing education. 

Have a podcast you think is worthwhile and should be listed here?  E-mail me!  I love hearing about it for my own personal use but also to spread the information to everyone!

Physician Assistant Exam Review

Ok, Brian Wallace, PA-C saved my life on rotations.
I was on my second to last imagerotation and desperately freaking out about boards when I had an hour and 15 minute commute.  Thank you for saving the day by easing my anxiety.  Brian practices in surgery (I believe orthopedics if I remember correctly), married with kids. He was studying for his PANRE and decided to find a way to help everyone who is incredibly busy succeed on their PANCE/PANRE.  Highly recommend! PS the only reason it doesn’t say “subscribed” is because I only listen to him periodically now as I’m not studying for boards.  He also has a website with supplemental information from his podcast.  Click here to access.  


Content provided by Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C.
 Not sure what area of medicine he imagepractices, but the information is fantastic!  Mix of clinical knowledge and also information to help you pass the PANCE/PANRE.  I recently listened to the episode about a chief complaint of a sore throat for pediatrics (as I’m about to enter Family Medicine) and it was fantastic!  I will definitely be listening to more! He also has a website that goes with the podcast with additional information that he discusses! Access his website by clicking here

Peds Cases


This is actually Canadian based podcast.  Their website is also fantastic.  The website contains scripts to the podcasts (which I love so I can follow along reading) and other great resources such as developmental mile stones, pediatric vital signs, case studies and videos.  The topics are fantastic. Must know topics, chief complaints and differentials for peds rotation!