The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Physician Assistant School

imageTotally worth the $10-15 dollars. As I mentioned before the peace of mind you get is priceless.  I felt super prepared for any type of question or situation that would come my way! Click here to buy on Amazon.  Seriously, I have no endorsements from anyone.  I just love amazon and this book is comprehensive regarding who to ask to write you letters of recommendation, types of questions you may encounter and how to have answers prepared as well as be prepared to be spontaneous.

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment


AKA medical bible.  My friend Alicia used to joke with me and call me “current” because I spent so much time with my head in this book.  The next set I will mention is more comprehensive.  Current covers everything you need for the clinical aspect of didactic year.  I do recommend getting a recently updated one because they publish studies in regards to treatment guidelines, etc. It is also available electronically for iPad and other tablets via app store or google play! Buy Current on Amazon.

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine


Harrison’s is more comprehensive than current and goes into a lot of detail.  PA school moves so fast I never used Harrison’s because I felt like I went down too many rabbit holes and trie dot learn too much instead of focusing on the main points.  You should also take into consideration what book your program focuses on as it is likely it will be one of the two.  It is still not a bad investment to have.  Downside is they are heavy books.  Buy Harrison’s on Amazon.

Step Up to Medicine


Made for medical students but a really good comprehensive study guide to use during didactic year once your clinical medicine courses have started and also during clinical rotations.  I like the quick hit facts on the sides of the pages.  Very board/exam focused. Excellent buy but a little more expensive I believe I paid around $40 dollars. Buy Step Up to Medicine here.

Surgical Recall


Great buy for general surgery rotation.  There is also a lot of information that ends up being pertinent to the GI section of your boards or EOR exams.  You can get this cheap.  Buying a version or two back is okay. This book helped me impress my attending physician’s or preceptors more than once.  Good bang for your buck!  Buy Surgical Recall here.



These come in every specialty that you do rotations.  Good news they are cheap and have tons of information.  Literally $5 dollars.  Our class seemed to pass them around a little so it seemed like each of us had 2 or 3 and we just shared well.  Buy Blueprints books here.


Comprehensive Review for Certification & Recertification of Physician Assistant’s


I have mentioned this book before.  Great for the PANCE, EOR and clinical exams during didactic year.  Lots of practice questions too. I used this personally through PA school and really like this book. Click here to buy.

Bakerman’s ABC’s of Interpretive Laboratory Data


Disclaimer: I have not actually read this book.  However, one of the residents I worked with at my first job mentioned it and it sounds amazing.  It goes through any lab test you can imagine and what the test looks for and what the results mean.  I wish I would have known about this sooner and it is on my amazon CME wish list currently 🙂 Buy Bakerman’s Here.