Pocket Manuals

Pocket Medicine 


The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine. Excellent for rotations.  Has something about everything and I found that it contains a lot of information that will be covered on boards and exams.  Also good for those who are practicing, all of the residents I worked with at my first job carried this book and a student who was rotating with me also had it, I was sold and used some of my CME money from my first job to purchase.  Runs about $50.  Totally worth it.

Tarascon Products


They make a book for every specialty.  I have the Hospitalist one and I love it.  I can’t say I spent more than $15 dollars.  I use this more than the pocket medicine as it has 95% of the things I look up.  I’ve also browsed through the cardiology, critical care, emergency medicine versions and thought they were all worth while purchases.

EMRA Antibiotic Guide


I bought one of these as a student and it was an excellent $30 spent…until it got stolen.  I have yet to purchase another, but it is definitely on my list. It is broken down by system and then disease that you are treating.  The only manual I didn’t really care for of the Tarascon products was their Pharmacopedia.  I think it was because I used the EMRA prior to and was spoiled.  That being said the EMRA only covers antibiotics, so you won’t find cardiology or diabetic medications– just an FYI.