Review Courses, Materials & Resources

There are a lot of different types of reviews available out there, take advantage of what best suits your learning style. Below I will summarize what each of these are and give recommendations based on personal experience as well as word of mouth from colleagues! For any of the specific resources mentioned, click on the name and it will forward you to the site where the item can be purchased.

In person weekend review courses

It is what it is. You go and for 3 days you sit in a classroom and get all the info you need for the PANCE

  • Take the course sooner as opposed to further away from your test date
  • If you’re someone who is thinking “Just cram everything in to my head in several sessions” this is for you. Not that you shouldn’t be studying prior to, but if the idea of a comprehensive review close to the test sounds like a good idea, this may be a good option to explore.
  • In addition to the several day review, generally speaking you are given an entire binder(s) worth of information that is reviewed at the conference to continue to review on your own time.

At home/go at your own pace courses

These are reviews that you purchase and work at your own pace. Typically hey are broken up by system (cardiology, pulmonary, women’s health, etc) just as it is broken down on the boards. Some of them also do review question banks or questions after the respective speaker. This is what I did to prepare for boards. I’m someone who was never comfortable cramming so the idea of a 3 day course was not for me. I used the Rutger’s course and was very happy with it  I also know that a lot of people in my class (who also passed) utilized this course.

Rutger’s review

I used this product to study for my boards.  It is expensive (I believe close to $400) The live videos are great and having an actual person to look at while they teach helped to keep me from losing my attention. Use code PAER10 for 10% discount!

Physician Assistant Study Guide

This product is awesome.  I have an inside look at the pdf, book and online review.  It is comprehensive, easy to follow and covers everything you need.  I love when I can go to a website and easily figure out how to use a product and the presentation of this product could not be better.  Includes review, audio, review questions and intermittent tests to gauge the improvements you are making! The price is also amazing.  $199 for EVERYTHING.


Comprehensive review for certification and recertification of physician assistants

This book is to the point and exactly what it says… Comprehensive. It also has a ton of review questions that you can log on to   thePoint and register the book to obtain a ton of SI CME credit.

Lange Q&A Physician Assistant

Broken down by body system based on the blueprint and also some extra important categories such surgery,  infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, pharmacology and orthopedics.

PANCE Flashcards

These come in a book which is Great because you aren’t fumbling around losing things. Each page has a question and on back a detailed answer. I loved this to carry around especially on rotation if I had a few minutes here and there I was filling my time productively!


Physician Assistant Exam Review Podcast

These were gold for me. A few of my rotations were long drives, and I kept saying to myself “I am wasting so much time that I could be using to study.”  If you have a smart phone go to the google play store for android or App Store for Apple products. There is also a lot of information on the website in addition to what is covered on the podcast.