Didactic Year

This is literally what I like to call attempting to drink water from a fire hydrant. Information is coming at you 100mph every direction you look. I promise it will all be ok and it will all sink in…eventually.


Tips for Success:


Absolutely, positively the most important thing I can say here is if you don’t know something, LOOK IT UP! I cannot stress what a good habit this is to get into especially once you embark on the clinical knowledge of didactic year.

Do you!

Do not allow your friends and classmates to freak you out based on what they are doing. Everyone learns a different strategy to get through PA school. If it’s working for you–don’t change it just becuase it isn’t what someone else is doing. However, if how you’re studying is not working for you ask for help and try different approaches until you find what works for you.


Keeping your *$%& in order will help keep you on track AND keep your anxiety down. Develop a method and stick to it. Developing good habits from day one will really help throughout your journey.

Stay on Pace

Cramming is no good for success. Don’t get me wrong, it is inevitable that at some point you will find yourself burried because there is simply so much going on that getting backed up just happens. Try and minimize these occurences. Keep up with daily lectures and readings and don’t put studying off until the last minute.

Balance and Sacrifice

PA school is consuming as all get out. That doesn’t mean that you have to go to a cave and live there for 2 years and NEVER EVER do anything else–it simply is not healthy. See your friends. Do fun things. Workout. Do whatever your do to blow off steam. That being said, PA school should be your #1 priority. Some sacrifices will be necessary. Keep that in mind.