Note #1:

I am not a large corporation with fancy materials.  I am just someone who has been through the trenches who wants to give back.  Needless to say I will do my best to set you up for success; but, in now way am saying I help you it is a 120% guarantee that you will without a shadow of a doubt get an acceptance letter.  I cannot change GPAs or GRE scores which do factor into the acceptance process as well. That being said, I can absolutely maximize your potential and bolster your application or I wouldn’t be doing this!


In no way shape or form do I ever divulge HIPPA info.  HIPPA is a thing people, if I mention patients in my stories–the info has been changed, I promise 🙂


Because of my continued professional affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh I will not divulge any information regarding the specifics of the interview process that is currently utilized or that I experienced on my interview.

Note #4:

I may at times if necessary limit the number of clients I have.  Because I want to provide personal, in depth assistance I want to make sure that my product remains quality above anything else.  I apologize in advance if you proceed to buy an item and it says “out of stock”.  If this is the case, please e-mail me at All.Things.PAC@gmail.com and I will put you on an organized wait list and contact you as soon as a spot is available in the order you have signed up (no cutting :))

Note #5

In no way shape or form is any of the medical knowledge I share an appropriate substitute for a medical education.  The purpose of sharing medical information and stories is to help students and those who are continuing to learn.  In addition, in no way should my information be construed as direct medical advise or treatment.