5 Things I Wish Patients Took Seriously

  1. Nutrition & Hydration

    So much wellness and healing can come by what we do or do not put into our bodies.  If you put garbage into your body, how do you expect to feel each day when you wake up?  LIKE GARBAGE.  Sugar, alcohol, drugs, juices, too much fat…. blah blah.  I could go on.  I can speak from personal experience that when I dialed in my nutrition and quit eating like an asshole all of my little nagging physical pains went away.  Now, I’m not suggesting that eating more kale is gonna heal your bone on bone arthritis.  What I am suggesting is that eating less shit can likely make you feel like less shit. And hydration.  Being dehydrated causes all kinds of bad shit.  It’s hard on your kidney’s and for women my God the UTI’s.

  2. Fitness

    MOVEMENT.  I see so many patients who are depressed, anxious, fatigued.  Trying to convince someone that MOVEMENT is good for this is….challenging.  A special TIME magazine edition entitled “The Science of Exercise” stated that “if exercise were a pill people would be lining up and paying millions of dollars for it” because of the benefits it offers.  Exercising actually allows the telomeres on the DNA of someone who exercises are longer than someone who does not.  IT LITERALLY SLOWS THE AGING PROCESS PEOPLE.

  3. Sleep/Mindfullness/Meditation/Rest (However you want to say it)

    A body and mind that does not rest cannot repair, recover and feel refreshed for upcoming tasks.  Sleep hygiene is so important.  Meaning no screens in your bedroom, no screens leading up to bed time, sleep in as dark a room as possible. Try not to wake up to an obnoxious sound that spikes your cortisol through the roof.  I don’t know anyone who loves someone jumping out and scaring them because of how horrid it makes us feel.  So, why would we want to wake that way?  (FYI: did you guys know that waking up is the most taxing event that our body endures daily?)

  4. No Treatment Required.
    Today I saw a highly probable case of SJS (Steven’s Johnsons Syndrome).  The culprit: BACTRIM. At least right now that is what it looks like.  When I tell you that you don’t need an antibiotic it isn’t because I want you to SUFFER or I don’t feel like giving you a prescription or I’m holding out.  For the love of God it is SO much easier for me to simply write for an antibiotic and send you on your way.
    Dear patients, when I say you don’t need and antibiotic right now, it’s because you don’t.  FYI: SJS is a dermatologic emergency that needs to be managed in a burn unit.  I’ve seen patients trached and tubed in all kinds of ways from SJS caused by BACTRIM. Don’t take an antibiotic you don’t need 🙂
  5. Patient Education and Counseling.

    The moral of a number of long stories is that I take probably the most time to counsel patients on WHEN to seek further care or follow back up and it can be frustrating when it seems like I’m wasting my breath. We providers generally don’t say things just to hear ourselves speak 😛

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