Breaking Down PA School Interview Questions VII

Q: What questions do you have for us?

What are they looking for?

  • Ability to be insightful, that you’ve done you research on their program
  • To see that you are genuinely interested! A lot of applicants will just sit back and let the time pass. 
  • Pay attention to what other people ask! (If the Q&A is within a group)
  • When someone speaks turn and look at them when they address a question.  This shows respect and that you are interested in learning about what you might be able to learn from others.

What to avoid

    • HUGE, MASSIVE NO-NO.  Ok, but really know the information available on the website inside and out.  
  • Asking questions that have already been answered by staff or that someone else have already asked 
  • Not asking any questions at all

What to ask

  • One of the questions I asked was “What can you tell me about what your program has to offer that I can’t find online?”
  • The role of the PA is shifting, we work in more settings and sub specialties than ever before.  Think about asking how the program is adjusting to teach the students to meet the demands for jobs upon graduation. 
  • If you are one-on-one with faculty ask them about their job, what area of medicine do they practice, what do they enjoy about it?
  • What is the best advice you have for students to succeed and gain the most out of their education at <insert name of school>?
  • Ask questions that build on information already available on the website or that you’ve learned through your visit
    • ie: I saw on your website your PANCE pass rate is 98%, what steps does the program take in order to ensure students are well prepared”

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