Breaking Down PA School Interview Questions V

Q: What do you feel is one of the biggest issues currently facing the profession?

What are they looking for?

  • Ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of issues facing health care and PA’s
  • Ability to discuss issues in an appropriate manner (ie not being rude or insulting about certain issues or beliefs)
  • Understanding of what is going on in the world of the PA profession

What to avoid?

  • Showing a strong opinion on the issues you discuss–you never know who you might offend its honestly just being safe.  State the facts not your opinion.
  • Relaying information that isn’t accurate (check your facts)

What to say

  • Some of the current issues are as follows:
    • Changing the name of the profession from “Physician Assistant” to just “PA” (which I don’t agree with but that is an topic for another day)
    • Changes to the recertification process which you can find details about on
      • Baics include the option to have a specialty certification for the field you are presntly employed and also instead of one test every 10 years PA’s would participate in a series of take home tests every so often (again these are basic concepts see for specifics as I won’t go into them here)
    • Legislation is always in the works to advance the profession.  The PA profession has been on that since the creation continues to strive for further independence of it’s practictioners.


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