Breaking Down Interview Questions

In honor of “interview season” coming up, each week I will be breaking down one of my 41  most common questions to encounter at a PA school interview (find that original post here )

Q:  What do you expect a typical week in PA school to look like?

  • Why are you being asked this question?

    • Professors want to know that you understand the demands of PA school.  If you don’t understand the demands it’s a red flag that you might not be able to handle the arduous course of PA school.  It’s also a red flag that you haven’t done your simple homework to understand the process to become a PA and may further alert them that you don’t know anything about being an actual physician assistant.
  • What not to say

    • “I’m not sure can you tell me about it”
      • I think this speaks for itself.
    • “It might vary by program”
      • While this is true every program is different, again they want to know that you are expecting these 2 years to be the most challenging experience you’ve had so far.  Also, that you are up to the challenge.
    • “I don’t know”
      • Simply unprepared and unacceptable.  This would be a HUGE red flag to me sitting on an admissions committee
  • What will a good answer contain?

    • Demonstrating knowledge.
    • A typical week in PA school will contain multiple tests/quizzes and competencies. Likely spending 8 hours a day in a classroom learning new material at a very quick pace.  When you go home you study the days material get up the next day and do it all over again until clinical rotations.
    • Tell them it is your #1 priority.  State that you understand the demands of the program (as listed above) and are prepared to make your education to become a physician assistant the number one priority in your life.


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