Exercise Hating

While I was on vacation, one morning I woke up and I was scrolling through Facebook (as many of us do). I saw that some girl I went to high school with was mentioned in the comment of an article about how CrossFit is basically the devil and worst thing ever created.  As someone who has been crossfitting since before the reebok endorsement I’ve listened to my fair share of “Crossfit Hate”.

Don’t be fooled, this is not an article in defense of Crossfit; (I refuse to go there) however, a statement in support of health, wellness and fitness.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to choose whatever fitness regimen/program that works for them.  Before I was a PA, I was a personal trainer and I’ve always supported the idea that you cannot force someone into fitness if it is something they despise.  Everyone needs to find something that is enjoyable for them. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t sustain it.  By nature we are not creatures who do things that we outright hate and make us miserable.  (I’m not talking about subliminal crap like abuse and why we pick our spouses–talk for another day and website).   Fitness, health and wellness is absolutely no different.

Instead of absolutely bashing each other for what we choose to do for exercise, here is a crazy idea: why don’t we support each other?  I know, its novel–but perhaps more of us might think about giving it a try.  There are a lot of fitness regimens and types of exercise out there I despise.  I’m no yogi (although I go once in a while to get my flex and Namaste on) and if I tried to golf I’m certain I would wrap a club around a tree with frustration–I’m clearly meant to lift heavy weight for time with that mentality.  I used to run–a lot and hate it now.  But I love CrossFit and swimming (ok and the occasional run). I know a lot of people who have discovered healthy lifestyles through Pure Barre, Yoga, running, biking, triathlon’s, etc. Who am I to tell them what they do is stupid?  Um, no one.  In fact, it makes me ecstatic that more people are finding methodologies that lead them to a healthier lifestyle.  I recently read Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” and she said something amazing.  We all spend a lot of time critiquing others and she decided that her motto would be “Good for her, not for me”.  Rock on girlfriend, I couldn’t agree more.  Just because it isn’t for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t influence a ton of people in a positive manner.

Yes, Crossfit can be dangerous.  So can every other sportAlso, 712 people died from accidents with hammers last year, so apparently hammers are dangerous as well. There are bad apples in every bag and not everyone who coaches or participates in Crossfit is safe.  My point is this to the girl who wrote that article and anyone else who hates on whatever form of fitness others choose to engage in: Support others and whatever makes them happy and healthier.

Remember: “Good for her, not for me”.  (this saying can also apply to men by changing the gender 🙂 )

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