Due Diligence For All PA’s

When I wrote my essay for PA school I talked about wanting to represent the profession with the highest possible standards.  I meant a few things by this. First the whole do no harm thing. Even though we don’t take an oath as Physicians do, I still believe we have the responsibility to act under this concept.  I also meant that I wanted to portray the profession as best as possible to each of my patients.  As PA’s I believe that we fight a somewhat uphill battle in gaining the respect we deserve from patients because we “aren’t doctors”–which we are not that is true.  However, we are medical providers and I want to advocate for that with every patient I see. By taking time with each patient, being through and explaining whatever is going on with a that specific individual.

I believe that each of us has the basic responsibility to leave each patient thinking and feeling that they saw a competent, intelligent provider who was able to address all of their issues and questions.

As PA’s I feel as though I will always have a sense of ” I need to prove that I’m capable enough to do this job”.  I’m not sure if that feeling resonates with Physicians or not; but as PA’s we are in between levels of care.  Either a lot is expected of us or nothing sometimes. That being said, I am doing my due diligence to educate myself and gain the most knowledge possible to be the best possible provider I can.  I’m treating my first three years of working experience as if I was a resident.  Constantly learning and betting my practice.  Not to say that I will not do that after three years is up–mecidcine involves constant learning as part of the responsibility of our career.

To the new PAs out there (and even those who have been practicing some time) do you part and with each patient seek for them to have a great experience with your care.  Not only is it good for patient care, it’s also further steps in the right direction for our profession.

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