5 EKG Resources for PA Students

EKG’s are a part of my daily life at work and also one aspect of clinical medicine I struggled with the most.  Below I’ve handpicked 5 EKG resources I wish I would have watched both before I started my first EKG lecture and throughout learning EKG’s. Disclaimer: By “BEFORE” I mean a few days prior to your first lecture when you have reviewed your classroom materials and want to have a deeper understanding before class.  Again, I also recommend using these tools throughout school to continue to learn!

1.How to Read an EKG: Khan-Academy Style Tutorial

If you let this continue to play to the next video it is actually a series of 10 videos that through your journey of learning EKG’s will be extremely helpful!  I recommend only watching until you don’t feel overwhelmed.  This may vary for individuals based on their background.  For instance I may have watched the first three videos; but, for someone with a paramedic background this would probably be too simple or they may watch all of them for a refresher!


 2. ECG Zone: Tutorials & Cases

These are case studies that help you learn how to interpret EKG’s. This may be too much for someone before in class lectures.  Definitely a great resource to have as you go along and learn!


3. The Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s

This is a comprehensive book of all the rhythms you need to know in PA school and clinical practice.  At times it is a bit slow and basic; but, I’m sure a review never hurt anyone.  I think I paid around $14.99 and I think you can get it cheaper on kindle/ibooks. Contains everything from physiology explanations, the different pacemakers of the heart, pictures of EKG strips, explanations of arrhythmias, etc. This is the resource that I used in PA school.  Click here to buy.  DISCLAIMER: The link is to the 5th edition.  There is now a 6th edition out; however, it costs about $50 dollars more.  If you want to purchase the 6th edition click here.


4. EKG Interpretation: 24 Hours or Less to Easily Pass the ECG Portion of NCLEX


Made for nursing boards but also great for the PA student.  Again, if you were a paramedic to fulfill your health care experience hours this will probably be too simple for you (you could probably teach the EKG portion in PA school). Contains links to videos, explains basics of conduction and how it relates to the physiology of the heart.  Explains all of the arrhythmias and gives good picture examples.  The BEST part about this book is that if you have kindle unlimited with amazon ($9.99/month) it is FREE!.  If you don’t have a subscription you can buy for about $2.99.  Definitely a great buy for the dollar value.  Click here to buy!


5. ECG Interpretation & Rhythm Recognition

Another great Amazon Kindle Unlimited find! This is a bit more in depth that the above option with more pictures and nitty gritty information on arrhythmias and how the are represented on EKG. I would read one of the more simple/basic resources such as #3 or #4 first before delving in to this book. Click here to buy!


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