1 Year Anniversery

As I’ve been scrolling through my facebook and instagram I have been flooded with pitctures of this years graduating class and their celebration.  Official shout out to especially The University of Pittsburgh PA class of 2015 and all other graduates! H2P!

I think it is fair that I am sitting back and looking at how damn fast the last year went.  Don’t get me wrong clinical rotation year is definitely the fastest year of your life.  However, your first year practicing is pretty close.

I think like all goal oriented people who attend and graduate PA school, when you come to the conclusion of a goal you start striving for whatever is up next.  Always advancing and improving.

I found that improvement and goals became different during this year. What you are striving for may not be as obvious as the end of a semester or exam. Because you are in for lack of better terms a fixed career (not that there isn’t movement and opportunity for change). Life is no longer about the next module or rotation–but about “real life”.

I chose to enter general medicine for a lot of different reasons.  One of the major ones is because there is always something to learn.  You are never going to know everything.  Which is frustrating and rewarding sometimes all at the same time.  Continuing to gain knowledge is so important in any aspect of medicine.  I believe that two of the most dangerous attributes a provider can have are complacency and being incompetently incompetent (meaning you aren’t aware of when you need to ask for help). The type A in me made it a point to read and learn about things when I didn’t know the answer.  Not only would I go and ask someone about the situation; but, later I would read about whatever it was I didn’t know.

I also suppose that striving for new things is part of the reason I started up this web page.  I feel really passionate about helping others find the PA profession and the advancement of the profession–so I wanted to find a way to give back and help others.  SO many people helped me on my way to getting into PA school and during my journey.

I heard people say before I graduated that you learn the most in your first year of practice.  So far, I agree.  My hope is that I will continue to learn at a rapid pace because I know there is tons for me to be learning about.  My hope is that as I learn I can continue to share with others and not only enhance others knowledge; but solidify the information I learn in my first hand experience.

Some of you may be wondering why I switched jobs so early in my career, especially after I said I loved my co-workers.  Which is true and I would also be wondering if I were reading.  The first over arching factor for me was a paycheck.  Western PA has probably the worst pay rate in the country (ok that is probably an exaggeration and I would have to check the salary report for exact numbers–but it isn’t good people).  I have loans and bills to pay off so for me that was a driving force.  I also did a lot of the same things everyday even thought I was practicing internal medicine, my job in the hospital surrounded a lot of the same issues on a day to day basis and I was really seeking more variety and challenge.

So far, I don’t regret my decision to move on.  My first job was a great experience and I think it was also exactly what I needed for my first year practicing–especially because I did not have medical experience prior to PA school.  That being said, I’m excited for all that is going on in my career currently and to continue learning and growing as a PA!


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