Welcome!  We are currently getting underway!  Be patient… LOTS of info coming your way 🙂



My Name is Danielle Kepics, I am a 2014 graduate of The University of Pittsburgh. I currently work as a traveling Physician Assistant in my second position of my career. I don’t claim to be a super expert on the Physician Assistant profession, I am just someone who has been through the trenches. Through my process I spent a lot of time gathering information and learning what I needed to do for various phases of pursuing my career. What I found was that all of that information is kind of scattered everywhere. My hope is that this site can be a centralized hub for information pertaining to all stages of becoming and practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant.

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Danielle, I’m a physician w/ 17yrs. of experience. So tired of lazy, unreliable support staff, cocky nurses, and my SOB of a MD boss of the last 5 yrs. I worked my ass off in student
    health at big university. SOB was intimated by my steadfast practice of EBM and meticulous
    charting,etc. I just wouldn’t suck up to him the way all the other mostly NPs would. So after
    12yrs, I at 57 quit. Like to try addiction medicine…Toying w/ locum assignment in interim…
    Thanks for your most excellent & heartfelt informative writing. I feel much more comfortable
    about everything. Also would be nice to go somewhere quiet to get all this 12 yrs’ of cluster
    f— outa my head!


  2. Thank you so much for this blog! It was much needed. All the major informations are in one place is very beneficial and enjoyable to read! I’m currently on my last year of undergrad with a biology degree. I know I want to be a PA but I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing lol. I would like to ask you a couple of questions.


  3. I’m in a similar boat as Cindy, only 2.5 years in practice though. Active duty in the military which has been amazing until I ran into an all-nurse chain of command who thinks I am out to get NP’s (not the case at all, just the one who was disabling my patients). I will likely be transitioning to civilian practice here soon hehe. Your FAQ list was super helpful and easy to read! I absolutely love being a PA and I’m glad I found your page! Thanks


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